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Fish oil may double benefits of exercise for elderly

Eating a portion of oily fish such as salmon or mackerel three times a week could help to protect the muscles from deterioration in old age.

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Patented super critical fluid technology

PURE O3 is a product of KD Pharma, which designed, developed and patented the use of Super Critical Fluid (SCF) Technology for the extraction and purification of PUFAs (Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acids), particularly Omega-3s.

The two-step process gently extracts and refines highly purified and concentrated (up to 99%) Omega-3s at low temperatures (40-50°C) from fish oil:
•  Super Critical Fluid Extraction, and
•  Super Critical Fluid Chromatography.

Both steps use carbon dioxide in a super critical state called supercritical CO2. This advanced technology gently extracts Omega-3 Fatty Acids without applying excessive heat and/or chemical solvents. Thus, this process eliminates the possibility of the formation of any isomeric or other unwanted by-products, as well as exposure to contamination or to residual solvents in the end product.

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Your daily recommended dosage in 1 serving of 2 small, easy to swallow, capsules.
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